Positive thinking can add so much to your life – and now we know that positive thinking can add years to your life.  When you think positive you get rid of stress and tend to live a healthier life and make better choices.  If you’re naturally a negative thinker, there are ways you can change that thinking and get on the path to a life-changing way of thinking.

If you really want to begin to think positively and change your life for the better, look at the following ways you can incorporate into your own lifestyle:

Be responsible for your thoughts

No one can tell you what to think or controls how you react to your thinking.  When you begin to take responsibility for your thoughts, you’ll face the reality of what they’re doing to or for you and be more able to change those negative thoughts. 


Plan to think positively

So many of our thoughts come from the unconscious/subconscious mind. When you plan to think positively, you won’t be as apt to take what you’re thinking as reality.  Instead, you have the time and opportunity to think it over and come to the conclusion that reflects the reality of the situation.  A really good way to do this is to set your intention each morning of the focus of your day.


Avoid negative people

Negative people can ruin your best laid plans to think positively.  They can feed the fire of self-doubt and anxiety. It can sometimes be classified as a crowd-mentality, so don’t fall prey to it. Think for yourself.


Write down your thoughts

Journaling is a powerful tool in so many ways. By simply giving you a place to express your fears and concerns, a journal helps you maintain positivity outside of its pages. Do you know how good it feels to vent to a friend? Well, consider your journal as your best friend.


Live for the moment

When you spend too much time trying to guess or analyse the future, you can quickly convince yourself of failure – especially if you’ve failed in the past.  If you think you’ll fail, you probably will.  So focus in the moment and how you want to turn up.

Acknowledge and accept that you can control your thoughts.  You’ll become more empowered to face stressful situations in your life and to change the way you think. It will become easier to maintain a positive attitude the more you practice thinking positively.


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