Wellbeing Services

Whether you’re looking to reduce your stress levels, work through a problem, worry less, feel good or you simply want to experience deep relaxation, I’m here to help you thrive.

1:1 Wellbeing Sessions

£75 for 60 minutes

Tailored to your unique needs, these sessions are in depth, powerful sessions that are tailored to help you move forwards at your own pace.

In these sessions we will focus on a specific issue that is causing you a problem and preventing you from living your life on your terms.

Examples of what the sessions can help with:

  • personal challengesExit Visual Builder
  • stress
  • overwhelm/worry
  • habits/routines
  • being present
  • deep relaxation.

This is a safe, supportive space for you to move at your own pace using a combination of techniques such as hypnotherapy, guided visualisation, TFT/EFT and NLP.

Sessions can take place in person at Louisa’s office in Barry or via Zoom.

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£45 for 45 mins

 tailored Reiki is a soothing restorative energy based technique that involves, hands being placed either lightly on or just above certain points of the body to boost your natural flow of energy.

Over time your inner energy centres can experience blockages, leading to emotional and physical issues.

By clearing these blockages your energy can flow freely through your body enabling you to feel more balanced and energised.  This in turn can improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Although reiki is gentle and relaxing, its effects can be deep and transformative.

The reiki session can be focused on a specific issue you are experiencing in your life and is combined with a tailored guided visualisation focused on the outcomes you want to achieve.


Booking will be available from 18th July 2023.

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