Corporate Services

Empower your leaders and teams to thrive in their roles so they achieve incredible results for themselves and the organisation.

Some of the ways we can work together

1:1 Coaching

I provide 1:1 coaching programmes to improve your employee’s mindset and self-belief to get them and the organisation great results. 

Each programme is tailored to the needs of the individual using a combination of techniques such as NLP, Creating Your Future® Success, Thought Field Therapy & Kinetic shift as well as a wide rane of impactful coaching tools.

In addition to the coaching sessions, support and accountability is provided in between the coaching sessions as well as follow up support.  

Thrive Now Programme

Now more than ever leaders are coming to work stressed and operating day to day in survival mode.  

This programme is designed to take busy, high achieving leaders from living and operating in survival mode to thriving at work and life. 

When your leaders are empowered and performing at optimal levels not only do they benefit inidividually, but the organisation experiences incredible results.

Using the Thrive Now™ Method, this engaging and transformative 6-week programme focuses on creating awareness, insights and an empowering mindset with long lasting and wide reaching positive results for leaders, their teams and the organisation.

Coaching Drop In Sessions

These are drop-in sessions for employees who need 1:1 confidential support to help them move forward with a specific issue.  

45 minutes are allocated for each session and nominated employees can book in to the coaches diary.  

Sessions can take place on-site or online.  

Employees access these sessions to get clarity on an issue, to relieve stress, to explore options, communication, to have a sounding board, build confidence, prep for important meetings etc.

Incredible Wellbeing Journal & Sessions

The Incredible Wellbeing Journal is for people leading busy lives who struggle to find time to look after their wellbeing.  Through taking a small amount of time for themselves each day they find they have more choices, stress less and feel a sense of calm.  

The journal provides simple and effective ways to inspire people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing over 90 days. 

To support employees make long lasting empowering changes to their wellbeing, to accompany the journal there is a choice of wellbeing sessions that can be delivered.  

Each wellbeing session last 45 – 60 minutes long and can be tailored to the organisation’s needs.

This was a fantastic session and a lovely way to spend an hour of my working day. Also, Louisa needs her own version of Headspace after that cloud exercise!


When designing the session, Louisa took time to understand organisational context, culture and specific wellbeing challenges. The content and delivery of the session was excellent! We had the right balance of science and softer elements.  Louisa is a very engaging and professional presenter, talks from the heart, shares her extensive knowledge and experience with conviction and delivered a wide ranging yet in depth session.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education

This session was for me. I did find it very good in the way that you take control of your own situation where we may not have even thought about doing this ourselves or even with a group, it was very relevant and very helpful.

Welsh Athletics