Our busy life can pull us in so many directions that often times, we find it hard to find time to relax.  We keep meaning to slow down.   We make promises to ourselves that we will have that afternoon on the sofa watching a movie or switch off, yet before you know it another week or month has gone by without us making it happen. Without realizing it, we allow ourselves to get sucked into the chaos of daily life. 

Between work, kids, school, dishes, laundry and all the other responsibilities that go along with being human, it’s easy to completely lose sight of the here and now (and forget who we are in the process).   So what?  Well, when we don’t prioritise our relaxation time and we don’t slow down, it can cause stress, overwhelm and anxiety and it can impact our overall health – physically, mentally and emotionally.  

So, here are five amazing reasons introducing relaxation into your life will have a positive impact on you.    

1. Healthy Boundaries – When you start being more mindful of the chaos, drama and negativity that you allow into your life, you can begin to set boundaries that help you prepare for and avoid it altogether. Look at your triggers – what sets you off or sends you into an emotional turmoil? Are there certain people, places or things can you avoid? When you start to dig deep and understand where you truly want your energy to go, it makes it much easier to put a stake in the ground and stand by your decisions thus eliminating unwanted stress and anxiety in your life.

2. Less Stress: When you begin to calm your mind, you’re able to have more clarity regarding any given situation – even those that may seem like you have little to no control. Instead of drowning in a sea of stress and anxiety, you can begin to take your power back and navigate through life’s obstacles a little easier. You will start to be able to identify harmful behaviors that have been a source of chaos in your life thus far and distance yourself from them moving forward. Once this happens, you’ll start to see the stress melt away from your daily life.

3. Better sleep:  Sleep is so important to giving your body time to repair and refresh itself on a daily basis, as well as impacting your mind.  So often we are running on minimal energy levels, just trying to get through the day. When you start becoming more intentional about the amount of sleep you get each day, you’ll notice your energy start to increase and you’ll be in a better mood. As your sleep cycle becomes more natural, you’ll wake up ready to meet the day with a renewed sense of purpose rather than a stumbling through it hoping for the best.

4. More Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is such a simple habit, but it can lead to big results when you are consistent. In part, developing a relaxing lifestyle means taking the time to notice the beauty in the things all around you. You start to seek out and notice those people, places and things in your life that you are grateful for and keep them top of mind at all times. Noticing what you are grateful for in your life can transform your whole perspective, giving you a reason to smile even when things get tough. 

5. Positivity: As you shift into a more simplified, clamer lifestyle, you’ll notice that your attitude shifts as well. You’ll start to be more mindful of the things that make you happy and you’ll gravitate towards them. As you begin to slow down, reflect on your life and be more intentional about the things you do and the people you hang around, there won’t be any room for drama and negativity. In fact, that will be something you avoid at all costs.

You don’t have to allow the chaos from the outside world to throw you into a downward spiral. Instead, choose a more calm approach to life – it will not only make you happier in the long run, but it will also have a big impact on your overall health – mentally, physically and emotionally.

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