Indecisiveness can be defined as the inability to make choices quickly and confidently. Indecision is generally driven by fear. The fear can be a fear of making the wrong choice, fear of failing, or a fear of disappointing yourself or another person. While it is perfectly normal for all people to experience certain situations or scenarios where indecisiveness is a factor, being in a constant state of being able to decide about virtually anything can be exhausting.

Learning how to master indecisiveness is a critical skill that can add so much value to your life and help you accomplish more.

How to Master Indecisiveness:

1. Gather Information: One of the best ways to conquer indecisiveness is to ensure that you are adequately informed about the area you are trying to make a decision in. Lack of information can make you feel unprepared and ill-equipped to make a choice. However, taking the time to gather facts that can help you make a choice based on actual information and not just a whim, can give you the confidence to actually buckle down and make a decision.  

2. Get Feedback: Seeking assistance from others can be another helpful technique. At times, it can feel as if there is too much pressure on you alone to make a decision. Going to others, especially others who are more knowledgeable or experienced in the particular area that you are making a decision in. Just as gathering information can help you feel more prepared, getting feedback can also help you feel more equipped to make an informed and wise decision, thereby easing your anxiety and strengthening your confidence in the option you choose. 

3. Trust Your Gut:  Our instincts are powerful when it comes to making decisions. Often, those inner feelings we have are quite accurate. Trusting your gut can help you to avoid the over-analysis that often prevents people from being able to come to a conclusion. 

4. Growth Mindset:  A major factor that can keep us from being able to come to a conclusion is the fear that we will fail or make a mistake. However, the way we perceive failure and mistakes can greatly impact our ability to be able to move forward. This is where the growth mindset comes in. The growth mindset helps us understand that we can learn and grow over time we can see our mistakes from a different lens. Instead of mistakes being viewed as failures and indicators of our weaknesses, we can see them as learning opportunities that can help us to grow. Thus, even if we make the wrong choice we know that we can learn from it and apply that knowledge in the future to make better choices. 

5. Just Do It:  Sometimes we simply have to step out of our comfort zone, face our fears, and just make a decision. This can feel incredibly scary and overwhelming, but it is better than doing nothing. Indecision is in fact a decision and it’s better to be more in control of what happens by being an active participant in the decision-making process than just leaving things to fate. At the end of the day, you can always deal with the aftermath if it turns out to be unfavourable. However, there is also the chance that it can turn out well, and holding onto that thought can help you to move forward. 

Top tip: pick one or two to try first and then try another one.  Tiny consistent steps get you great results.

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