Before you can receive, you have to decide what you want. But when you start thinking about what you want, you may find it’s harder than you expected. Usually, when someone asks us what we want, can quite easily say what we don’t want but not what we actually want. 

You may resist listing out what you want because it feels greedy. When we live in a society that tells us we must work hard to achieve what we want, it can feel uncomfortable to expect to be able to spell out what we want and then prepare to receive it. 

So how do you get clear about what you want? 

First of all, you need to believe you are worthy of your own happiness. The things, people or situations you are seeking are what you believe you need to live your ideal life – to live at your happiest. If you don’t believe you deserve your ideal life, receiving it is going to be almost impossible. If this is tripping you up, spend some time on forgiving yourself and learning how to accept who you are right now. 

Grab your journal and write down the things you would like to have or experience in each part of your life. This might be home life, business, career, friendship, success, wellbeing, creativity, etc. Be as specific as possible with each thing. For example, instead of saying, “I want to be successful in business,” which is very vague, write down specifically what you want to achieve in your business.  How many clients? How much income each month? Really go all out. Don’t settle for just what’s okay. Write down exactly what you want your business to look like.

When you think you’ve written down everything you can think of, close your eyes and imagine a scene as if you have already achieved your goal. How do you feel? What do you see? Where are you?

Doing this will fill in the gaps of what you really want. 

Most likely you want a feeling – so write down how you will feel. What specifically needs to happen for you to feel this way? You will be amazed at how many additional things you will add to your list once you spend a little time visualising your ideal – whatever it is.

Once you’ve written it down, spend time each day visualising you achieving your outcome.  


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