What if you could achieve your goals and attract the success you want, using your thoughts? It is possible. Along with taking action, positively imagining what you want your success to look like is the key. 

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”   ― C.G. Jung

Keeping your attitude positive, even in difficult times, is crucial to succeeding. Here are six ways you can use positive thoughts to imagine yourself attracting success:

1. Visualise. Picture yourself having achieved your goal. Visualise yourself in detail. For instance if your goal is to achieve a certain weight, envision yourself in the clothes you will be wearing, how you will feel. If the goal is to sell x amount of products, picture yourself receiving paid invoices.  Maybe your goal is to be in the moment when you are with your loved ones, create a clear picture in your mind of what you will see, feel and hear once you have achieved it.  Keep visual reminders around you.

2. Be thankful. Acknowledge three or four things you are grateful for each day. Embrace the day with the goal of being thankful. Picture in your mind how you would be grateful for your success.

3. Have a plan. Schedule each day in advance. A plan helps you see where you are going and make changes accordingly.

4. Take time to meditate or spend time in nature. Silence the noise that is around you. Sit quietly with your thoughts, removing negative noise.

5. Surround yourself with positive influences and people. Associating with positive people rubs off on you. See yourself being positive and kind.

6. Be enthusiastic and excited in your daily activities. Enthusiasm is contagious. It draws others to you. Force it when you don’t feel enthusiastic. Picture yourself being happy and excited.

You’ve got this. Use your mind’s creative visualisation ability to see yourself attaining your goals and getting the success you desire. Visualise where you want to be and set your goals to get there.

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